Neck pain can be caused by a wide array of things from sleeping in an awkward position to getting rear-ended on your commute home. The most common causes of neck pain are from whiplash, poor posture, and degenerative disorder like osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. While you may think you can just deal with the pain until it subsides, by doing nothing you may be doing more damage. With any spinal injury, it is wise to seek medical advice immediately.

Seeking medical attention does not mean you need to rush to the hospital, but rather seek out a local chiropractor. To locate the neck pain, the chiropractic doctor in Philadelphia will do a series of physical and neurological tests. They will examine your posture and range of motion during the physical test. During the neurological test, they will look at reflexes, strength, and the areas the pain spreads to in the neck. If the chiropractor feels they do not have enough information to pinpoint the problem area, they send you for a series scans, including x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, and an EMG.

Once the issue has been targeted, they will begin making precise neck adjustments by hand. After each treatment, you will notice an increase in the range of motion of the neck and adjoining muscles. The areas that will see the most improvement are in the movement of the head. Do not expect this to be an instant solution to the issue. It will take several sessions to make the adjustments hold as the spinal cord will try to shift back into the previous alignment at first.

After several sessions, you will find that your neck pain is close to or has completely subsided. However, this does not mean you should stop seeing the chiropractor. Although you do not need to go as frequently, it is still good to see them on a regular basis to ensure your spine is aligned and not going back to its old ways. Along with keeping the spine aligned, chiropractic treatment offers a wide range of other benefits from improved circulation and flexibility to reduced levels of lactic acid. If you are in need of neck pain relief in the Philadelphia area, give us a call today and get on the road to recovery.